The pump is designed for oil or plastic grease lubrication of machines and devices which require continuous feeding of small amounts of lubricant. Lubricant is fed to each reception point through a separate line directly from the pump.

It is particularly recommended for lubricating machines for plastic metalworking, plastic and rubber forming, for lubricating construction, hoist and transport devices, industrial pumps, compressors, pulp and paper making machines, machines in inland navigation ships, agricultural machines etc.

Technical details  
Number of outlets

10 (special executions 2 ... 9)

Nominal pressure

6,3 MPa

Stroke delivery from one outlet

0,16 cm3/cycle

Lubricants forced plastic grease and oils




The pump consists of the following elements: a tank with a feeding device, forcing unit and drive unit.

The forcing unit solution includes a suction-forcing section (comprising a piston and a pusher both located in a central shaft), forces lubricant successively to all outlets.

There are control mandrels and radiating outlet couplings.

Balls driving the piston are built in the cylindrical body; their number corresponds to the number of outlets. Depending on the solution, the pump driving unit is adjusted to coupling the rotating oscillating or reciprocating element of the machine on which the pump is installed or the pump has its own independent electrical motor drive.