The control unit is designed for automatic or manual control of the two-way force feed oiling systems and to signal their states of working or failure.

Depending on the variety, it may be used in a lubrication system with an electromagnetic or hydraulic control distributor. It may also be used in industrial automatics systems to control device operation versus time function.

The control unit has control and power systems which perform the following functions:

  • activating the lubricating pump motor at preset time intervals,
  • stopping the pump motor after the lubrication cycle is completed,
  • stopping the pump motor in the case of a failure,
  • applying voltage to the electromagnet coils while the distributor is reset,
  • signalling the stage of work or failure of the lubricating system.

The above functions are performed with time relays, electromagnetic (auxiliary) relays, cam connector, contactors and signal lamps. Control and electromagnetic systems are protected with overvoltage and  overload moulded-case circuit breakers.
Electrical elements are installed on the plate located in the device housing, accessible from the front side, after opening the cover. The device housing is made of grey polyester (RAL 9002) and the cover of transparent polyester. It is possible to mount the control unit housing on a wall.