We Design systems based on the control equipment of POLNA SA. These products are reliable, cheap and POLISH.

Institute of fertilizers Puławy


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 We are the company who inherits the traditions of the foundries built in Przemyśl in 1923.

The foundry, put into service in 1999, is equipped with modern equipment and laboratory furnace.

We are offer the production of castings from:

  • cast iron,
  • spheroidal cast iron (ductile iron),
  • alloy iron:
    • wear-resistant alloy (NiHARD), including chromium
    • heat-resistant
    • acid-resistant
  • steel:
  • carbon steel and constructional cast steel
  • wear resistant (including Hadfield)
  • corrosion resistant
  • acid-resistant

The foundry specializes in the production of spheroidal (ductile) iron casts, grades:

  • 400-18LT,
  • 350-22LT.

In addition, we manufacture and prepare:

  • foundry tooling,
  • documentation of technology

We guarantee:

  • quick start of production
  • timeliness of delivery
  • competitive prices

Our certificates:

  • Quality Management System - ISO 9001: 2008
  • TUV certificate confirming the compliance with the directive 97/23/EC
  • Certificate of production ability of marine equipment of Bureau Veritas

Production capacity:

  •     machining:
  •        Dimensions of casts: 550x450 mm
  •        Weight of casts: up to 30 kg
  •    manual:
  •        Dimensions of casts: 900x900 mm
  •        Weight of casts: up to 1500 kg
  •     heat treatment of casts:
  •         possible in our production facilities
  •     machining:
  •        possible in our production facilities

Our facilities:

Melting plant

  • We own induction furnaces made by ABB, and induction furnace made by ZAM Kęty. Production capacity: 3 thousand tons a year.

Core room

  • Equipped with core shooters, blowers, able to perform cores using the following methods: COLD BOX and HOT BOX, as well as the post for manual production of cores in organic substances.
  • Sand conditioning plant
  • Completely computerized post for sand conditioning based on the installation manufactured by EIRICH.

Foundry moulding shop

Forms are manufactured with use of:
      • Automatically controlled moulding line with foundry moulding machine manufactured by HSW
      • The post with  the impulse moulding machine FI 6050B
      • The post for manual moulding

Cleaning plant
Equipped with a set of equipment:

  • for the treatment and transport of casts and in electric chamber furnaces for heat treatment. It is also equipped with the post to detect moulding defects using method of colored penetrants.


  • Analysis of chemical composition is performer with use of  spectrometer, and carbon and sulphur analyzer (LECO).
  • The scope of the strength tests: - static tensile tests with the delimitation of the Rp0,2, Re, A5, z, E., impact test, hardness test with use of Brinella and Vickers method.
  • Metallographic tests - metallographic macro- and microscopy.


  • Performs the foundry instrumentation of the following materials: aluminum alloys, chemically hardened resins, other plastic resins

Technological documentation

  • We perform comprehensive technological documentation, using computer programs to support the work of designers.